Stewart Gosling of RDD – UK importers for Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks, has raised that the way in which businesses return to work could be crucial. Gosling stated that in construction work – there is concern on the loads they move, the methods and equipment they use, and the number, safety and effectiveness of the staff on site and whether everything is still fit for purpose. As the number of workers increase in returning back to work but at a slower than much anticipated pace, it is no surprise that most employers are worried about their workplace responsibilities. As well as employees being concerned about their welfare and job security.

RDD has recently created a resource centre offering free advice on practical guidelines, how to videos, posters, checklists and case studies. We at BIMsafe agree that now is certainly the right time to give your company a back to work health check! This will benefit in helping a busy manager review storage and handling operations. Our top tips in improving materials handling and efficiency on site are as follows –

Always wear appropriate PPE – the legislation around PPE on construction sites states hardhats, safety boots, and high visibility clothing should always be considered. When tackling a high intensity and loud task gear such as respiratory masks, safety goggles, high grip gloves, or noise cancellation ear muffs are required.

Ensuring work areas are kept clean and tidy – We know how messy construction sites can be – after all it is a messy job! It is just to ensure that tools and equipment are stored properly when not in use, to minimise the risk of falling among staff and others present on the site.

Reporting any issues urgently – It is always important to report any incidents to the site supervisor or manager, this will ensure that workers can avoid any potential injuries.

Nowadays with what has been happening with the current pandemic it is important to always future proof your decisions – In terms of motive power, for example, the HSE is increasingly critical of the use of IC engine trucks in confined spaces. Where LP gas or diesel can’t be avoided, the buyer should be aware that all new trucks will need to comply with Stage 5 emission standards. Similarly, if you’re serious about employee welfare, you’ll want to make sure your next forklift comes equipped with measures to prevent the spread of airborne dust particles which are a real health hazard in indoor spaces.

So when returning to work we believe it is important to keep such tips in mind and to consider a back to work health check and prepare for the challenges and opportunities ahead!

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