BIMsafe provides 60+ years of Health and Safety and 3D modelling expertise.
Comply effortlessly with your CDM duties with our application, embedding Health and Safety risks seamlessly into your 3D model or 2D drawings.

Record risks fast

Start recording risks in under an hour 

Recognisable 3D symbols

Designers have access to universally recognizable 3D symbols in formats compatible with leading CAD software such as Autocad, Revit, and Microstation.

QR Code Identification

Each risk is equipped with a QR code, ensuring swift and effortless identification for efficient risk management.

User friendly design

Embed risks in 3D models or 2D drawings with our intuitive, simple and easy to use software

Seamless Integration

BIMsafe seamlessly integrates with your existing 3D modeling software, eliminating the need for new purchases or subscriptions. Compatible with leading Autodesk and Bentley software, including Autocad, Revit, and Microstation.

Automatic HSE Guidance & CIP Knowledge

BIMsafe automatically populates hyperlinks to pertinent guidance from HSE and CIP Knowledge, providing instant access to relevant information when a risk is selected in the online database

Team Collaboration

When different designers work together, all the safety symbols and plans are combined, so everyone can see and understand the risks, no matter their role

Customizable Risk Register

Users can create their own design risks and associated symbols within their native model.

Federated model

When the federated model is created, the symbols are also federated and the individual DRRs and TWRs are combined. This ensures that all risks are visible to the whole project team, regardless of their individual design discipline.

Compliant with PAS 1192-6

As PAS 1192-6 is updated and industry standards change, the BIMsafe application will be updated to remain current

Cloud-Based Collaboration

Native and federated models can be uploaded to the cloud for viewing, including on portable devices, enhancing on-site awareness and safety.

Dynamic 3D Safety Elements

BIMsafe includes 3D blocks/cells that have been designed to reflect current formats of hazard, risk and temporary works. Where these are not available, a graphical representation has been developed

Always Up-to-Date

Count on BIMsafe to uphold your safety standards. BIMsafe automatically updates to stay aligned with the latest PAS 1192-6 and industry changes.

Integrated RAMS Creation

BIMsafe allows for easy creation of Risk Assessment & Method Statement (RAMS), complying with PAS 1192-6. It combines risk assessment and method statement with suggested coding, seamlessly linking to company procedures and documents.

PAS 1192-6 Compliance

BIMsafe adheres to PAS 1192-6, ensures your tailored risk register follows the latest industry guidance. We regularly update the platform to align with changes in PAS 1192-6 and industry standards.

European Standards 

Our platform has been developed in accordance with the “The use of European Standards for Temporary Works design 2014” published by the Temporary Works Forum and “BS5975 Code of practice for temporary works procedures and the permissible stress design of falsework.

Precision Plus beyond
PAS 1192-6

Our customized online database fulfills PAS 1192-6 requirements and goes beyond, identifying risk specifics—’construction,’ ‘end-use,’ or ‘both,’ and assigning responsibility to designers and eventual risk owners. It automatically generates the fitting 3D Risk symbol from standard lists for seamless integration into the 3D model.

Swift Risk Insight

Our unique platform automatically populates hyperlinks to pertinent guidance from the HSE website and CIP Knowledge, providing instant access when a risk is selected within the online database.

2D or 3D, we’ve got you covered

BIMsafe puts your health and safety information right into 2D and 3D models. It covers all your needs, making safety easy to understand and manage. Your data isn’t just stored; it’s visual, clear, and always at your fingertips with BIMsafe.

Hassle free Risk Recording