The 14th September marks the start of the Construction Safety Week 2020, this is run each year within the construction industry to try and help raise safety awareness and re-energise efforts to eradicate incidents which occur on construction sites. Of course any workplace can have its dangers but it is apparent more so on a construction site which often has heavy plant, machinery, equipment, and materials which if not handled with care or correctly can pose serious injury to any person on the site.

This is why it is important and also great to see the whole industry refocusing efforts to keep the workforce safe. Safety thoughts should not stop at just the workforce it is important to protect your workers, but also proper safety measures help to keep the public safe. Construction sites are usually located in busy areas where the general public are coming and going. Careless safety measures can allow objects to fall putting those not involved in the project at risk also.

With over 3 million jobs which is 10% of total UK employment in the construction industry with an intense and hazardous nature of work. It is one of the UK’s most dangerous job roles with workers being exposed to a higher risk of falls, machinery malfunctions, electrocution, falling objects and structural collapses to name a few! Not pre planning your construction project properly can result in many hazards also, for example the possibility of significant clashes occurring on site. Unscheduled work to overcome design glitches can create conditions where accidents are far more likely to occur. BIMsafe offers solutions to overcome such occurrences even with a ‘sense check’ clearly visualising the implications of the proposed sequencing.

At BIMsafe we can give your construction business all of the right tools needed to embed health and safety information. We offer a software which enables us to provide you with a premium heal and safety solution at an affordable price. BIMsafe is a collaboration between Callsafe Services and Cassidy Forsythe – combining over 60 years of experience in the management of health and safety and 3D modelling in construction. The BIMsafe model allows you to create your own Design Risk Register, Risk Assessment and Method Statement or Temporary Works Register.

We focus on visualising and managing construction challenges, offering health and safety maintenance during construction. The 3D model is very useful in helping to plan the project and develop the construction methodology. Making it easier to visualise and discuss the construction challenges in comparison to a 2D image.



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