The role of a construction safety officer ensures that all of the construction workers follow the legal policies and safety regulations. The main aim of the role of health and safety officer is to create safer construction sites, with perhaps other additional roles. As we know the safety trends are moving forward tilting more towards 3D models such as our very own BIMsafe technology. Our technology (building information modelling) has now changed the way in which a safety officer interacts with the construction workforce.

BIMsafe technology helps the safety officers to detect and become more aware of any potential hazards very early on in the planning process. Our technology creates the response plan to reduce the very likelihood of accidents. This is what makes BIMsafe a safety officer’s best friend as he or she will easily be able to determine exactly what policies will be needed and how to enforce them when our software communicates the hazard.

The safety officer will also be responsible for keeping all policies up to date and establishing new ones as more and more risks are discovered. Site safety inspections are recorded daily, the site safety officer searches for broken equipment, defective tools, and many other potential hazards. He or she will also determine what type of personal protective equipment (PPE).

If an incident were to occur it is up to the safety officer to conduct a safety investigation, to help determine the main cause. The safety officer will document the findings and how to ensure the accident does not happen again. The main situations which occur are the likes of faulty safety equipment, using formwork, working at height and electric cord extensions.

The safety officer must train employees on safety topics required by OSHA. Which includes machine guarding, fire prevention plans, and hazardous materials handling. Which can be accessed easily with our BIMsafe technology.

If you are a safety officer or construction site manager and you are interested in BIMsafe software for the 3D modelling of your future projects safety analysis, get in touch with us for a demonstration and more information on our technology today!



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