With the current uncertainty around Coronavirus and its impact on businesses health and safety policies, businesses have been left confused and challenged. We all have had to learn new ways of working in a more health conscious way. The way in which we work in a team and even how we communicate with each other in our jobs have all dramatically changed. It is very necessary for all businesses to keep up to date with all of the latest health and safety legislations which can all be easily accessed on the latest SHP legislation update e-book – October 2020.

The e-book covers coronavirus legislation, Brexit, grenfell, fire safety bill, building safety bill, the environment and much more. Many businesses have been faced with both financial and staffing concerns due to the coronavirus pandemic but must also focus on these health and safety measures not just from COVID-19 but in general and keep complying with the very latest legislations.

Now that more businesses have opened across the UK each business must now carry out a COVID-19 risk assessment keeping their staff, visitors and customers protected. Employers are faced now to help govern the virus and its spreading in their business. This will also cause less anxiety in the workplace from concerned employees and customers. Included in this health and safety legislation update is –

The latest COVID-19 measures.
COVID-19: legislation supporting the latest guidelines.
The health protection (coronavirus, restrictions) (no.2) (England) (Amendment) (No.4) Regulations 2020.
Coronavirus job retention scheme.
Assaults on retail workers (offences) Bill 2019-21.
Fire safety and post-Grenfell safety regime.
Fire safety bill.
Building safety bill 2019-2020.
BS ISO 45003 occupational health and safety management.
Environment legislation updates.
Latest health and safety fines and prosecutions.

The e-book is available to download for free which you can access on the link below, we at BIMsafe believe that taking care of health and safety is a key element of being a good employer. No matter what line of work you are in there are always potential hazards which is why the importance of health and safety should never be overstated. Our BIMsafe technology can help to keep your workplace safer and more secure when it comes to accidents – we are always ahead when it comes to the very latest health and safety policies.

To download the latest SHP legislation update e-book please access the link and fill out the form – https://www.shponline.co.uk/legislation-and-standards/shp-health-safety-october-2020-legislation-update-ebook/



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