As we are well aware a construction site is full of potential hazards and dangers which require thorough management to effectively ensure the safety of everyone working on the site. As with the presence of large vehicles, pieces of equipment and power tools. With employees and materials constantly moving around also a hazard threat remains close by. This can always occur with even managing a small construction site or a large project, safety must always remain top priority!

This includes making sure the site you are responsible for is clear from potential injuries and potential legal action from onsite injuries. This can be helped by simply displaying appropriate signage, installing roofing anchor points, correctly erecting scaffolding and using inspection safety software and technology such as our BIMsafe software in anticipating future hazards which may arise.

More tips for ensuring a safe site are as follows –

Hi Vis clothing – this ensures that employees are seen, this is especially good when working close to moving vehicles and using dangerous machinery which may even cause fatalities on site.

Hard hats – wearing hard hats cant help to ensure objects falling won’t cause as much damage if they happen to fall on top of the employee. This can easily happen and it is essential to remain prepared for this. Nets on scaffolding and loose items can easily slip through cracks and cause injury.

Hearing protection – power tools are extremely noisy and so can affect hearing, the decibel level of equipment and vehicles can become extremely high on construction sites. Repeated exposure from loud noise can cause permanent hearing damage without proper protection.

Safe work boots – As with hard hats objects can easily fall on to your feet also, foot injuries are common on construction sites but can be easily avoided by wearing the correct foot wear. This can also prevent items such as nails coming through foot wear which a hard toe can help avoid.

Dust masks – When working with dust and chemicals a mask can prove very useful in protection. Dust particles and harmful chemicals can cause respiratory issues in the future for workers.

Eye protection – when working with equipment such as heavy saws, soldering equipment and spray paint this can damage eyes if they come into contact which such chemicals and dust. Different degrees of protection can help to protect different types of hazards.

BIMsafe technology – of course being one step ahead and preparing for hazards can save injuries and protect you and workers on the site. Learn more at



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