At BIMsafe we do believe that the UK construction Industry should embrace technology in terms of safety and even CRM technology. The construction industry plays a huge part in the UK successes – not only a wealth generator which contributes to £117 billion to the economy while also supporting 2.4 million jobs. It is key now more so in the times ahead at rebuilding Britain after the hit on the economy over the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic the construction industry had been hit extremely hard in terms of restricted travel, health and safety issues, and delays in delivery of materials and tools needed on site to carry out work.

In these times it is important that business leaders in construction reevaluate how they are going to work moving on, the company’s costs and relationships must be reassessed. This is where technology comes in, to keep workers safe and lower costs is key! In the construction Industry technology has always been the forefront especially when it comes to equipment such as power tools and so on – yet there appears to be lack of technology and innovations in other areas. It is now that the construction industry is realising that the best way to enhance business processes and deliver value to clients is to increase technology – such as BIMsafe software.

A recent IDC research survey has shown that 83% of UK construction companies do believe that a digital transformation for them is a major priority! This is in terms of managing risk, data security, project completion, time and budget issues. 73% reported that only 30% of their projects are using digital technology in construction solutions. This is where our software can help your projects – providing you with a new great solution in giving you all of the tools you require to embed health and safety information all within a 3D model!

With BIMsafe technology each user can create their own design risk register, risk assessment and method statement or temporary works register within the model. The technology can record your health and safety risks in less than an hour, and is fully compatible with Autodesk, bentley, and Autodesk Revit.

For a live webinar demonstration please book on the website and we will be happy to show you just how the future in construction safety can help your future projects immensely!



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